Billing Manager

Billing Manager

Location: San Antonio, TX

Posted: 08/24/16

Status: Full Time


The Billing Manager is the department head for the Hospice Care Billing Department. This person’s primary responsibility is to ensure all agency revenue is billed and collected in a timely fashion. He/she performs various billing functions, but in addition provides leadership and guidance to all specialist staff within the department. He/she will monitor the productivity and efficiency of all staff and ensure adequate training and development for all staff within the department. The Billing Manager will ensure that staff members are consistently updated with any changes in billing guidelines. The Billing Manager will work diligently at maintaining the agency’s rejection rate at 5% or below and strive to collect all billing within 90 days. The Billing Manager is one of the main points of contact within the department for all other personnel in the agency.

Position Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Directs the billing Supervisors and monitors the work of the staff in the Billing Department as a whole.
  • Ensures the continual training and development of the staff in the billing department.
  • Supervises the daily billing operations in an effort to minimize the rejection rate, and attempt to collect all agency billing within 90 days.
  • Ensures the staff is aware of any changes in agency policy and procedure, as well as, any program billing changes.
  • Tracks the monthly accounts receivable and keeps Director abreast of departmental goals.
  • Communicates with the Director regularly concerning the needs of the department.
  • Assists the Director in implementing new procedures.
  • Ensures that all billing functions are performed accurately and completely by staff within the department.
  • Provides Director with recurring status reports, and continual information regarding billing trends.

Billing Operations:

  • Assist in the transmission of the various billings to each payor. 
  • Tracks the timeliness of reimbursements from the different payors. 
  • Assist in the correction and re-submission of any rejections. 
  • Assist in correcting any returned or denied claims prior to re-submission. 
  • Assist in the training of all personnel involved in the billing process. 
  • Reviews payments/reimbursement reports for accuracy; identifies errors and corrects errors prior to re-submission to payors.

Administrative Support Operations:

  • Facilitates professionalism with payors entities. 
  • Maintains current knowledge of all payor’s billing/reimbursement guidelines. 
  • Attends training seminars and workshops in an effort to keep abreast of new developments and changes related to billing/reimbursement process.


  • Must have graduated from high school or received a Graduation Equivalent Degree (G.E.D.).
  • Completion of at least two (2) years college-level education in a business or healthcare field preferred. 
  • Minimum of one (1) year’s experience in Medicaid/Medicare billing operations. 
  • Working knowledge Medicaid/Medicare electronic billing preferred.


  • Exemplifies and provides leadership and guidance in promoting extremely high ethical standards with the JHS organization. 
  • Serves as a leader and role model. 
  • Works to develop open and positive rapport and relationships within the office.


  • Have the ability to motivate others in a positive manner. 
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Possess well developed interpersonal skills. 
  • Have the ability to work and schedule effectively. 
  • Be willing and able to foster the TEAM philosophy and continuous quality improvement applications.

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